Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finding Peace in the Moment During Un-Defined Changing Seasons

I used to look forward to the days off, where I had nothing to do. I longed for long cozy days (code for staying in PJ-cozies). Now I am adjusting and appreciating long moments of free time with my kids, a few hours straight to read good books and review some math while washing laundry. As my babies are becoming pre-teens and teens I find that my greatest moments of peace are found when the family is being loud in one spot playing a game or working in the home. Quiet is no longer defined as nothing to do, but instead things to do together.
Today my story is one of deep gratitude for the ability to change with the seasons of life. As I find my footing in all the roles I am in-Mother of Teenagers so close to adult life, Mother of Pre-Teens genetically the same but so different and still so amazing, mother to an amazing spunky 8 year old who has found her way to second grade reading and math like a cheer leader in a nail biting game and finally Mommy of a pre-schooler for the last time in this season of my life, in just a few short months this last baby will begin Kindergarten in our homeschool, I am overwhelmed with feelings about that. I find craziness that in addition to being a momma I am a wife, a daughter with my mom living with us, an employee, a friend to amazing women of all sorts, a homeschool teacher. I like to dance and read and sleep, I enjoy rock and country, so many roles and I am finding rest and peace moving fluently from one to the other and enjoying the moment. No more are the long days in pajamas with a house full of small kids who only need stories and PB&J, now are the days of cheerleading, Honor Society, heart to heart talks, Choir, Camp, swimming parties, makeup, purses, drivers licenses and college choices. I find peace in the moments, each one I will embrace.
That is my story today, letting the seasons change in my life without resistance but instead with hope and a renewed energy.