Friday, June 19, 2009


Humility is an interesting concept, one I might add, I am not very good at.
When I look at the kids I have pride in what I have done. When I admire my home I acknowledge what we have made of our little space. But today, I am humbled. I woke in the wee hours with tears and a heavy heart, but not one of pain or sadness....I was overwhelmed by the hand of God in my life. I have these 6 amazing children and a husband that loves me more and more and I simply can't fathom all that God has done for me. We have an amazing Restored marriage.....a Miracle, A Hope only imagined that so many spoke against and discouraged me to hope for, God did it. These children have brought me to my knees over and over. Everyone prays for a healthy baby, so did we. Healthy babies weren't always in the plan for us, but we have amazing babies who are becoming more and more healthy everyday, being the best God created them to be, God did it. I am humbled when I see the walk and play and swim and text and pray and, and, and....I am amazed. Today I am humbled that really in spite of myself, God has kept us close during every storm. Today I am humbled that I have six children sleeping in various place in this house soundly with reasonable health and great hope for the future. Today I am humbled that around dark tonight Donnie will walk in and eat dinner with me at the table he bought his momma over 20 years ago. Today I am humbled that our kids will have friends over who choose to spend time with us, not because of our house or our stuff, but because of us. I understand not feeling worthy. Today I am humbled that because of Him I will be found Worthy of Him.
Today my story humbles me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Is The Way We Get It Done with a Discount

Here in our family we have
One Village Toymaker employee, Zachary,
One regular babysitter with reasonable rates-Sarah Kay,
Two Mother's Helpers-Martha and Maci (they also moonlight as great organizers of closets drawers, kitchens and bathrooms),
One great Dog Walker-Maggie
And Daddy the great who does Home Remodel and Repair.
I share this because with the exception of Zachary there will be discounts abounding for the kids services (who are earning money for camp and retreats).......
Drum Roll Please
For Donnie and our Home Remodel and Repair Service, because here in the great city of Memphis there has been so much storm damage we want to Pay It Forward by sending a discount your way.
Donnie and I thought it would be a great time to offer a friendly neighborhood discount in light of all the storm damage. We are a homeschool, family run business working at the highest level of integrity and quality. We won't stop until you are pleased. It is also a great time to get your home ready for all the summer fun and guest. If you need roof repairs, window repairs, interior or exterior painting we would be blessed to come and offer you our services with integrity and excellent work. We are also busy scheduling new decks and great playhouses to spend the summer on and in.
Pike Family Economic Stimulus Package
Until July 31 we are offering a 10% discount on all jobs under $500, 15% for jobs $501-$1000 and 20% for all jobs over $1000 dollars. Materials are not included in this discount The work that is scheduled does NOT have to be storm related. It is our desire to serve our friends and family with not only a value but quality work. We come with excellent references and your satisfaction is what we count on to put food on the table--

We hope that in the coming weeks and months you will think of our family when thinking about home repair and spread the word. If you have a business you would like us to make referrals for feel free to let me know.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Knot In My Throat and Other Things I Am More Aware Of

I walked out of painful chaos and into legalism of the religious sort, following that up with more questions than answers about life, lies, hopes, and heroes. I found answers to questions I didn't think to ask and asked questions I didn't dare to mutter before. While in the middle of all of these moments I saw that I had become an adult with no great definition of self, but knowing all the while that I would pass up religion for relationship and would pass up relationship with others to protect my heart and to find boundaries in my heart that hadn't previously existed. I found relationship in a community of believers that I never expected and when asked boldly "How, Why, and Where?" I can only answer, "Because Jesus is there and there is where I have been found again." The knot in my throat, the tears always on the edge are tears of grief. The knot is all I had hoped for what could have been when I started this journey at a place not so far away with people that I believed would run the race along side, people that ended up running a different leg of the race than us. I have heard these old voices, listened to the memories, and followed my heart to know....the pain that was left by the loss is still there. It is okay that today I don't know exactly who I am or where I am headed. I have relationship, with my Lord and with myself.....all the rest is a bonus. I want to know more, to see more, to share more but today I will just be more, quietly.

These are my original thoughts posted with all sorts of funnies, hurts, happies
at please honor that they are owned by myself (Suzanne Pike) and don't share them without attributing where they are found and who they came from in the material you share.