Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Weave our On Web with a Chin Up

I have a child who is discontent and believes we are all out to get her. This is not true of course we all love and adore her, we all waited expectantly for her arrival and watched her for all the years of her life in delight. She is a middle child....sort of. I see a lot of myself in her, I am an only child, she wants to be an only child. I say all that to say that the following words are from Charlotte's Web and it was Zachary's idea that we all learn the lyrics and sing it to her often.
Enjoy, and 'chin up'.

Chin Up
Chin up, chin upEverybody loves a happy faceWear it, share itIt'll brighten up the darkest placeTwinkle, sparkleLet a little sunshine inYou'll be on the right sideLooking at the bright sideUp with your chinny chin chinChin up, Chin upPut a little laughter in your eyesBrave it, save itEven though you're feeling otherwiseRise up, wise upMake a little smile beginYou'll be happy heartedOnce you get it startedUp with your chinny chin chin!Chin downYou can't come frowningTurn aroundStarting, clowningThink sad, your troubles doubleThink glad, they burst like bubblesChin up, chin upEvery little time your spirits wiltChin up, chin upGive your attitude in upward tiltTwinkle, sparkleMake a little fun beginYou'll be on the right sideLooking at the bright sideUp with your chinny chinChin up!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Answer to Nosiness and Mean Girls, Building Roads

My Sweet Husband and Youngest Son......Building Roads
Okay, here it is the big news to a nosey question, by a person who didn't really care, just seeking to hurt and cause a almost worked."What exactly is your family doing these days?" I can't mimic the tone or the body posture...of wanting pain or struggle in my answer, to justify the gossip or meanness...
For just a minute I went back to that struggling, sad, can't satisfy the checklist Christian. The season where life was ugly and the people were even uglier and then at that moment I remembered....I am loved with an everlasting love, I don't need the approval of men(or women), how others feel or what they believe about the redemption of our home and family doesn't matter. The lies, the gossip, the pain....washed away by the blood of the Lamb. For just a moment I wanted their approval of my home, my income, my children...I wanted them to know how life had changed, lest I forget, God is my redeemer and I will let HIM stand in the gap....Lord help me remember this.
Everyone ready for the answer
Spending time building roads to the future for our family, educating our children, loving the Lord and serving in a local church.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-Friends

Friends, They Like Me...They Really Like Me, Maybe

I have had a lack of inspiration, but today is the day to write.
I have friends, new friends, old friends, friends I trust, friends that sort of don't trust, but I still call them friends. My sweet Donnie is my best friend. Friends are important. I wrote at one point that I was a relationship person with out many 'girlfriends'. There have been seasons in our life where people were not available or willing or able to be friends in the true since, what with all the chaos and pain of a struggling marriage, special needs kids dealing with behaviour issues or the fact we didn't live inside the correct sort of box with the right border ( I am so glad border is out of style). There were people who didn't feel comfortable with us sharing our hearts or our struggles, that made us too real. The end result was we quit trusting and discovered many other people just like us. I became good at surface relationships and even didn't mind them, mostly.
Just like always, God got a hold of me. He kept bringing me people who endeavored to care about our family whether we wanted it or not. Our children are relationship people and the Lord continued to bring great families to us through them.
Today, I have an inner circle again, people I believe that God has given me and maybe even me to them (that would be a stretch to believe, really).
People who love what they know of us.
It would be a lie if I said that I am absolutely sure that if they 'really' knew me, they would leave, the same way they came. That is for another day.
Today, I am grateful what this circle of people know hasn't run them off yet. I will hold out hope for the future of these friendships, I will guard my heart, but take a step forward.
Today, will move out of my comfort zone and show a weakness. I am not always quick witted and sure of myself. So often I am concerned or even afraid of not being liked, but today, I will believe that at least a few of these people really do 'like me'.
They like me, they really like me. Even Movie stars are surprised with who likes them sometimes.